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  • Where are the opportunities to use AI in your company? 

  • Which technologies can you use to solve your particular problem?

  • What are your competitors doing?

  • Where is the business case behind?

AI Design Sprint 

by GoodAI Applied

GoodAI Applied answers these questions through our “AI Design Sprint”, a 2-week analytical process, assessing the opportunity for deployment of artificial intelligence solutions in your company.​

GoodAI Applied will conduct a workshop with you, assess data quantity and quality, review state-of-the-art methods in the field, develop a business case and present recommendations in a report.


A report including:

  • Business part

    • Understanding of the problem

    • Key performance indicators relevant for the business

    • Summary of process changes

    • Roadmap proposal

  • Technical part

    • Technical approach to the analysis

    • Data analysis description

    • Review of state of the art AI methods relevant to the problem

    • Landscape of AI methods suitable for the given problem


  • Data for the project needs to be shared with us at least one business day before the workshop starts

  • Expert on client side needs to be available


  • Day 1: Workshop: understanding situation and context, data deep dive

  • Day 2 –  7: Analysis, design of method, consultation with client based upon need

  • Day 8: Presentation and handover of the report

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