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General AI Programmers / Researchers


GoodAI is looking for general AI programmers / researchers to join its international R&D team. At GoodAI, we are building general artificial intelligence, a software program that can learn, be creative, and adapt to the environment in the way a human does. Our AIs will respond to what they perceive, and will interact with their environment to achieve goals defined by human mentors.

The guiding principles of our AI research revolve around an AI which can accumulate skills incrementally and in a self-improving manner (where each new skill can be reused and improved in the accumulation of further skills). Each new skill works like a heuristic that helps to guide and narrow the search for problem solutions.


As part of our R&D team, you will be working on our two major areas:


  • Programming general AI architecture: programming the necessary initial skillset that will enable our AI to learn in an additive manner. This will involve experiments with growing network topologies and modular networks.

  • Implementing an optimized set of learning tasks, or a "curriculum” in our School for AI. The curriculum is grounded in simple virtual environments and teaches the AI useful skills and abilities, so it doesn't have to discover them on its own. The performance of the AI on the learning tasks of the curriculum will be used to improve both the curriculum and hard-coded AI skills.


GoodAI started in January 2014 and is now an international team of 20 researchers based in Prague, Czech Republic.

GoodAI is a long-term (10+ years) privately-funded R&D company with a $10M USD personal investment from Marek Rosa, CEO, CTO and founder. This project is NOT about video game bots, symbolic AI, image or speech recognition, etc. We aim to develop general intelligence.

Marek Rosa talks about GoodAI’s roadmap, achievements and plans:

You can watch the GoodAI team video here:

To learn more, visit our web page:


  • Proposing, discussing, testing and implementing ideas

  • Programming and prototyping AI architectures

  • Researching and developing experimental AI (already in a prototype stage)

  • Optimizing and scaling up

  • Inventing, studying, mapping, and testing research directions and hypotheses

  • Working on GoodAI roadmap milestones as part of the core R&D team

  • Experimenting and fine-tuning

  • Studying AI, robotics and neuroscience literature


  • Extensive programming skills

  • Knowledge of C++ or C#

  • Friendly attitude to both Windows and Linux

  • Responsible, well organized, having good time management

  • Friendly, curious, creative

  • Very good communication skills - in English (working in an international team)

  • Experience with design patterns, unit testing

Considered a plus: 

  • Knowledge of artificial neural networks

  • Experience in machine learning, deep learning, robotics

  • Interest in neuroscience

  • Knowledge of biologically inspired artificial systems

  • Experience with low-level, hardware-specific optimizations

  • Experience with parallel and distributed computing, GPU acceleration, multi-GPU architectures, super-computing, etc.

We Offer:

  • Work on the most exciting scientific challenge: general artificial intelligence

  • Generous compensation

  • Stock options

  • Friendly working environment on an international team

  • Effective development & processes not delayed by bureaucracy

  • High-tech hardware

  • Modern, comfortable, spacious office very close to the center of Prague


Type: Full-time

Possible start: Immediately

Location: Prague

If you are interested in our offer, please send your resume with a description of your past experience with artificial intelligence projects to Selected candidates will receive a testing task and will be invited for a personal interview.

Thank you!