AI Roadmap Institute (New)

"Accelerating the search for safe human-level artificial intelligence by encouraging, studying, mapping and comparing roadmaps towards this goal."

The AI Roadmap Institute consolidates AI and general AI roadmaps of different research groups for enhanced collaboration and genuine measurement of progress. With a focus on big picture thinking, the initiative seeks a common framework and language to map progress in the field.

The two categories of roadmaps:

I. Research and development
II. Safety & ethics

​The amount of research into AI has exploded over the last few years, with many papers appearing daily. A significant lack of unified approaches to building generally intelligent machines and narrow focus inherently limits consideration of the field as a whole, hindering progress.

The initiative organized a series of events aimed at effectively comparing roadmaps (beginning with technical, followed by safety and futuristic roadmaps) to avoid potential dead ends along the road towards general AI, and to identify future areas of focus the community should direct their attention to.

The institute’s major output consolidates A(G)) research into a visual comparison of roadmaps, outlining the similarities and differences among roadmaps; where roadmaps branch and converge, stages of roadmaps needed to be addressed by new research, and examples of skills and testable milestones. The summary is available for all who are interested, regardless of technical expertise.

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