Takeaways from the POLITICO AI SUMMIT 2019

April 03, 2019

The blog post below is written by AI Policy and Social Impacts Director at GoodAI, Marek Havrda. It was an honor to attend the POLITICO AI Summit again this year where I took part in the Future of Work strategic.

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Takeaways from the World Government Summit 2019

February 15, 2019

This blog post is from Marek Havrda our AI Policy & Social Impact Director, he was invited to The World Government summit to chair the subcommittee on gradual economic and social changes due to AI. I was honored to participate.

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Can we teach machines virtues?

February 11, 2019 AI Policy and Society

This blog post is based on a workshop with the GoodAI team and Eric Salobir — Blackfriar, Roman Catholic priest, and President of Optic Technology. There has been a lot written about human-level artificial intelligence and how we can ensure.

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GoodAI Applied create worlds first AI-powered diamond selection tool

January 30, 2019 GoodAI Applied

GoodAI Applied has created the world’s first AI-powered diamond selection tool together with The Diamond Pro. Find out more

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Collaborating on the Animal-AI Olympics

January 28, 2019 GoodAI Research

GoodAI is partnering with the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence on the Animal-AI Olympics project which will aim to benchmark the current level of various AI’s against different animal species using a range of established animal cognition tasks..

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Year 2018 in review, plans for 2019

January 02, 2019 GoodAI Research

People are interested in knowing what our progress was in 2018 and what our plans are for 2019. In this blog from Marek Rosa you can learn about 2018 for Space Engineers, 2018 for Medieval Engineers, 2018 for GoodAI Applied, 2018 for.

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Building on the idea of an ethical framework for a Good AI Society

At GoodAI we feel strongly that key policymakers and stakeholders should think about the potential impacts of AI and how they can act to ensure that we are on a path toward beneficial and non-malicious AI.

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Governance of AI in the years to come

October 10, 2018 GoodAI Research

This blog post is based on discussions during a workshop with members of the GoodAI team, and Frank and Virginia Dignum. Summary Regulation is vital for AI especially considering the potential power of the technology Current software regulation may not.

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