An Open-ended Environment for Lifelong Learning AI

December 07, 2021

Coming soon.

  1. I realize this hasn’t been posted yet, but I have to admit the concept title perked my eyes awake on this dreary night. I am surprised you haven’t invested into an open AI project. I just recently was talking to a few Devs who are learning Deep Learning AI literally hosting information and zero coding techniques back and forth on a Discord server the other week. It has been a very enlightening mission. I would imagine given the nature that this could be implemented into a video game that would be very appealing to both younger and older developers alike. I am of course new to GOOD AI and Keens software house, to be honest wouldn’t of known of your existence without video games. I will be back later to see what you posted on this subject I am actually very interested in AI and how it will collaborate within this game space you have created.

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