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Our Work

GoodAI has several areas of concentration:

Framework - describes how we understand intelligence and provides tools for studying, measuring and testing various skills / abilities.

Roadmap - an ordered list of skills / abilities (research milestones) our general AI needs to accumulate in order to achieve human level intelligence.

School for AI - an optimized set of learning tasks which we will use to teach the AI new skills in a gradual and guided way.

Growing Topology Architecture - our implementation of the first prototypes of neural network architectures that support the gradual accumulation skills - currently achieved by growing the network topology, modular networks, reuse of skills, and many more.

AI Roadmap Institute - a new initiative to compare and study various AI and general AI roadmaps proposed by those working in the field.

Brain Simulatorone of GoodAI's in-house software platforms that we use for our experiments.

Arnold Simulator - a software platform designed for rapid prototyping of AI systems with highly dynamic neural network topologies.

GoodAI Applied - GoodAI's sister company using artificial intelligence solutions to maximize business success for companies and organizations across a range of industries. GoodAI Applied started because of high demand for the know-how and experience of GoodAI researchers. Our research team focuses solely on general AI research, and is building technology that won't be on the market for another 5-10 years. Clients of GoodAI Applied receive exclusive access to the GoodAI core team and research results.

Soundtrackto accompany your AI and general AI research!

Our work takes inspiration from a number of sources across a variety of discriplines, from AI Safety to Machine Learning and more. Read more about our research inspirations here.