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GoodAI Sound

Convert noise into music for your business

GoodAI Sound is a state-of-the-art sound classification technology developed fully in-house by GoodAI for sound diagnostics. Classifies sounds in pre-trained classes with >95% accuracy

What is it For?

  • Machine diagnostics

  • Predictive maintenance

  • Quality control

  • After sales product support

  • Staff training and on-boarding


Unique Features

  • Versatile, allows you to fully train models for client needs without common restrictions of ready-made solutions

  • Easy re-training

  • Constant research and development by the GoodAI Research team




  • Savings in process automation

  • Generate new revenue streams and improve existing ones

  • Increase quality, safety and security


Using GoodAI Sound


You only need 50+ sounds of a length of at least 20 seconds of each sound class.


After giving us your data we will pre-train and custom-tailor the model to your needs. You can then integrate the model into your existing code, or in any given front-end (such as a mobile app) via API (other architectures are also possible). Queries can be made one at a time. Works with any sound collecting hardware.

How we are helping our customers


GoodAI Sound is currently being used by a large automotive company to support the after-sales teams.



To find out more about how GoodAI sound can improve your business contact our team: