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AI Race Avoidance

At GoodAI and our partner organization AI Roadmap Institute, we have been working on visualizing different scenarios that could occur from the AI race, where developers race towards being the first to achieve general AI and might neglect either safety.

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Report from the AI Race Avoidance Workshop

GoodAI recently hosted a workshop in Tokyo on AI race avoidance. The workshop took place after the AI and Society Symposium, and featured 14 participants from the field. We have published a blog post outlining some of the findings from.

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General AI Challenge Round 1 Results & Evaluation

September 30, 2017 General AI ChallengeResearch

The first round of the General AI Challenge, Gradual Learning – Learning Like a Human, has come to an end. We received 13 submissions, which all competed for the qualitative or “best idea” prize, while the eight entries with agents.

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AVOIDING THE PRECIPICE: Race Avoidance in the Development of Artificial General Intelligence

With the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) in most areas of our lives, the stakes are increasingly becoming higher at every level. Investments into companies developing machine intelligence applications are reaching astronomical amounts. Despite the rather narrow focus of most.

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The 5 Million Dollar General AI Challenge is a Path to Human-level AI

February 26, 2017 General AI ChallengeResearch

Marek recently wrote a blogpost on Singularity Weblog. ​Summary: Working towards my goal to create general AI; it will be a tool that will leverage discovery in every domain Using game development to bootstrap GoodAI The General AI Challenge is a.

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