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GoodAI Solutions launches combining AI technology with industrial automation to benefit businesses

October 02, 2019 GoodAI Applied

Czech artificial intelligence company GoodAI has partnered with manufacturing leaders JHV-ENGINEERING to create GoodAI Solutions, a new company that will offer complex AI solutions and frameworks for businesses. GoodAI Solutions is using AI to help with predictive maintenance, visual inspections,.

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Using AI to prevent pressure ulcers in hospitals

July 18, 2019 GoodAI Applied

The problem Pressure ulcers, also known as bedsores or decubitus ulcers, are a common problem in bedcare facilities (such as hospitals) occurring across the world. They are injuries of the skin and soft tissues which occur due to prolonged pressure. The local.

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GoodAI Applied create worlds first AI-powered diamond selection tool

January 30, 2019 GoodAI Applied

GoodAI Applied has created the world’s first AI-powered diamond selection tool together with The Diamond Pro. Find out more

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