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Rules of the Moonshot People Analytics Giveaway and Terms and Conditions of the Participation therein


1. The content of the Rules of Moonshot People Analytics Giveaway (“Giveaway”) together with the Terms and Conditions of the Participation therein, henceforth referred to as "Rules", determine and contain accurate and complete Giveaway Rules, which are available on the on the website and at the headquarters of the Giveaway Organizer.


2. The Giveaway Organizer is GoodAI Applied s.r.o. a limited liability company. IČO: 05647444,  or any assignee thereof as the Organizer may decide at its discretion during the term of the Giveaway (the “Organizer”). The Organizer hereby appoints a Giveaway Secretary to be in charge of issues related to the organizational and administrative carrying out of the Giveaway. Guillermo Alda, email: is the Giveaway Secretary.


3. The Giveaway is addressed to the business community. In particular, those who could benefit from Image Analysis technology. The Organizer and its employees are excluded from the Giveaway. The Participants shall be at least of the age of majority in their state or province of residence, if there is no such age, at least 18 years old.


4. The purpose of the Giveaway is to create a proof of concept for one company, which can then be used as a case study by the Organizer.


5. The Giveaway runs from May 14th 2019 to June 17th 2019 (23:59 CET). The Giveaway will be promoted in the media, internet etc. The Organizer reserves the right to prolong or cancel the Giveaway with prior announcement on the GoodAI website.


6. All registrations must be received by June 17th 2019.


7. The registration shall be completed on the registration form on the GoodAI website By completing the registration each Participant concludes the agreement with the Organizer, content of which is specified herein.


8. Entries must be entered through the form on the website with both the technical and business parameters. The Organizer will select a winning team within 2 weeks of the deadline and reserves the right to not award the prize if parameters are not fulfilled.


9. The winning entry will be announced on the Organizer’s social media and the project will be used as a case study.


 10. The winning team will be required to sign an NDA with the Organizer before the work officially begins on their project.


11. Compliance with the Rules of the Giveaway shall be examined by the Organizer after the application is sent to the Organizer.


12. By registering, each Participant expresses his/her consent with the Rules and concludes an agreement with the Organizer.


14.  By the registration, the Participant gives his/her consent (to the Organizer and to any person appointed by the Organizer) to the processing of personal data provided by the Participant, for the purposes of participation in the Giveaway, the publication of the identification of winners and the related marketing presentations and events.


15. By entering the competition participants are accepting GoodAI’s privacy policy.


16. The Organizer will evaluate the entries based on parameters described on the GoodAI Website. The Giveaway Secretary shall prepare a final protocol including the winner.


18. The Participant understands, recognizes and accepts that the Organizer may use the solution they provide to the winning participant again in other projects. The Participant acknowledges and agrees that the Organizer shall have the right to use such same or similar materials, and that the Participant will not be entitled to any compensation arising from the Organizer's use of such materials.


19. The prize winner will be announced by the date specified above. The winner will be published on the website The winner must confirm acceptance of the prize either by telephone or in writing to the Organizer within 5 working days from the announcement of the winning.


20. In the announcement of the winners, the date and place for a meeting to advance the project will be determined.


21. The winners will receive 50,000 Euros worth of GoodAI Applied’s time. The exact details and timeline for the project will be discussed in the meeting mentioned above.


21. By registering in the Giveaway, all Participants further agree with the possibility of the Organizer to take photos of the Participants, the winner, or people representing and implementing a media campaign.


22. The Giveaway is governed by the applicable laws of the Czech Republic, in particular, the provisions relating to public competition pursuant to Act No. 89/2012 Coll., of the civil code, as amended.


29. The Organizer reserves the right of final decision in all matters relating to the organization of the Giveaway, including its interruption, cancellation or withdrawal made in accordance with the applicable legislation. The Organizer reserves the right to change these Rules during the duration of the Giveaway. Any changes to the Rules will be published on Organizer’s webpage:


31. Each Participant further agrees that they will be bound by the decisions of the Organizer of the Giveaway, which will be final in all respects and binding.