General AI challenge:
Leave your mark on the future.

Contribute to mankind’s most exciting effort yet: general artificial intelligence.
Multiple rounds. Groundbreaking milestones. $5 million in prizes.

The General AI Challenge is made up of multiple rounds, each designed to tackle a crucial research problem in human-level AI development. GoodAI will give out $5mil in prize money over the following years.

Here’s your chance to have an active hand in developing safe and beneficial general-purpose artificial intelligence.

Why general AI?

The working AI solutions available today constitute the so-called narrow AI landscape, meaning that they have been designed, trained, and optimized by human engineers to achieve a single, specific task.

Although such algorithms sometimes outperform humans in their established skillset, they are not able to extend their capabilities to new domains. This limits their reusability, increases the amount of data required to train them, and leaves them lacking generality and unable to develop common sense.

In contrast, general AI will be capable of overcoming these limitations. Thanks to a human-level skillset, general AI will be able to learn and come up with creative solutions for a range of multi-domain tasks.

We see general AI as the ultimate leverage in solving humanity’s direst problems and becoming better humans.


  • I’ve followed GoodAI since their beginnings and I fully support their idea to organize the General AI Challenge. I believe the challenge is going to get us closer to general AI in a shorter time, and that the organizing team will do its absolute best to make this project succeed. Marek is one of the most creative leaders I have ever met. His passion and focus can be a game changer.

    Simon Sicko

    CEO and Founder of Pixel Federation

  • We live in a wonderful and rapidly changing world. The exponential growth of computational power has enabled tremendous success of artificial intelligence solutions in recent years, but we are still at the beginning. The General AI Challenge is a big opportunity for everyone who wants to change the future.

    Jiri Materna

    Head of Research at,
    Founder of Machine Learning Prague

  • General AI trained on increasingly complex tasks is a pretty challenging research area.
    But the recent progress in reinforcement learning and artificial neural networks might convince you to accept the challenge.

    Pavel Kordik

    Researcher at < ahrfe="">Czech Technical University in Prague - Faculty of Information Technology
    Co-founder at Recombee

  • Working on General AI Challenge is the most exciting project I can imagine working on … because it is the ultimate challenge of mankind.

    Anton Zajac

    Founder and President of ESET North America

  • General AI will quite likely become the single most important technological achievement that humankind reaches. It might be the ultimate game changer in shaping the prospects of humanity. And since we are treading on very complex existential questions here, it is of utmost importance that the resulting general AI be ‘good AI’. I believe this existential safety can be best ensured via dynamic open research and truly honest scientific discourse, and this is exactly what Marek’s AGI challenge helps grow and why I strongly support it.

    Jan Romportl

    Chief Data Scientist at O2 Czech Republic

  • AI is generally speaking a phenomenon that can be observed with living organisms and complex brains. The artificial intelligence that will simulate or replace the natural one is very complex task, that definitely will not be based on one "kind" of algorithm. General AI project is great challenge for researchers and technicians and definitely will be one of very important technologies in near future influencing our everyday life.

    Ivan Zelinka

    Professor of computer science and head of NAVY research group, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at VŠB-TUO Ostrava

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