What Makes A Resilient Civilization?

This blog post builds upon the ideas presented in the Society for Resilient Civilization (res/civ) Manifesto. Rooted in technological optimism, the proposed Society is set to address the complexity of building long-term societal resilience, and explore effective strategies and tools.

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Major Charlie Mnemonic update released!

We are announcing major updates for Charlie Mnemonic, your AI assistant with Long-Term Memory that’s getting smarter and more capable every day. We’ve been working hard to integrate new features and improve existing ones, and we are excited to share.

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Society for Resilient Civilization – a Manifesto

Summary: AI’s Role and Humanity’s Future: AI’s advancement prompts questions about humanity’s role and the need for a resilient society guided by values. Society for Resilient Civilization: The “Society for Resilient Civilization” is proposed, aiming to ensure AI benefits all,.

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AI People: Announcing the next evolution of gaming AI NPCs

April 29, 2024 AIAI in Games

Today, GoodAI proudly introduces our new game: AI People Discover more on our official website: The Vision Our vision for AI People was ambitious but clear: to innovate within the gaming industry by making intelligent AI NPCs central to.

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GoodAI LTM Benchmark v3 Released

A Standardization Release: The main purpose of the GoodAI LTM Benchmark has always been to serve as an objective measure for our progress in the development of agents capable of continual and life-long learning.

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LTM Benchmark: Improvements and new reports

At GoodAI, we are committed to developing agents that are capable of continual and life-long learning. As part of our efforts, we have previously open-sourced the GoodAI LTM Benchmark, a suite of tests aimed to evaluate the Long-Term Memory (LTM).

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Marek Rosa: Solo creators enhanced by a legion of AI agents

Within the next five years, every individual will have the ability to employ AI agents from the cloud. These agents will effectively serve as our AI employees and assistants, aiding in tasks where we might typically enlist the services of.

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Introducing Charlie Mnemonic: The First Personal Assistant with Long-Term Memory

As part of our research efforts in continual learning, we are open-sourcing Charlie Mnemonic, the first personal assistant (LLM agent) equipped with Long-Term Memory (LTM).

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