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“Develop safe general artificial intelligence – as fast as possible – to help humanity and understand the universe.”

Badger Architecture

Badger Architecture is the culmination of five years of work at GoodAI. We developed an understanding that what we want is an agent that can quickly adapt to novel tasks.


Meta-Learning & Multi-Agent Learning Workshop

We are running interdisciplinary workshops that bring world-renowned AI experts to Prague in order to advance the field of meta-learning and multi-agent learning.


GoodAI Grants

GoodAI is awarding $300k in grants to research projects that push the boundaries of modern artificial intelligence. The grant money is being awarded to researchers or research groups for work on topics that can build on and improve GoodAI’s Badger Architecture.


From our blog

Cyborg Soldiers and Bioethics – Marek Rosa interview with GLOBSEC

January 15, 2021 AI Policy and Society

GoodAI CEO Marek Rosa was recently interviewed on the ethical implications of enhanced soldiers on the battlefield by Roger Hilton from GLOBSEC.

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Review of 2020 & plans for 2021

January 15, 2021

GoodAI CEO Marek Rosa reflects on the progress made by GoodAI and Keen Software House in 2020 and outlines the plans for 2021.

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AI compass towards well-being

January 14, 2021 AI Policy and Society

GoodAI's AI Policy & Social Impact Director, Marek Havrda, recently took part in the AI & Happiness Roundtable. In this blog he summarizes some of his thoughts from the meeting.

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