Our long-term goal at GoodAI is to build a general artificial intelligence software program that will automate cognitive processes in science, technology, business, and other fields.


Meet our team

Marek Rosa

Marek Rosa

Founder and CEO

Marek Rosa, CEO of GoodAI, has set the long-term vision for the company. He directs the focus of the company, leading both the research and business sides of GoodAI and pushing the teams to work in tandem to achieve our common goal.

Olga Afanasjeva

Olga Afanasjeva


Olga is an AI evangelist with a background in arts and social sciences, pursuing her passion for discovery and redefining the limits of what is possible. She leads the day to day activities of GoodAI.

Marek Havrda

Marek Havrda

AI Policy and Social Impact Director

Marek Havrda contributes to long-term strategy of GoodAI focusing on the development of Artificial Intelligence algorithms and AI applications. He specialises in AI ethics, AI safety and future of jobs.

Jan Feyereisl

Jan Feyereisl

Senior Research Scientist

Together with his colleagues, Jan is actively investigating various aspects of the Badger architecture, focusing on facets at the intersection of various disciplines ranging from machine learning, complexity science and computational mechanics all the way to psychology. Jan is particularly interested in the dynamics of collective computation & learning. He is also the Executive Director of the AI Roadmap Institute.

Will Millership

Will Millership

PR Manager

Will Millership co-ordinates the Public Relations for GoodAI and is the Director of the General AI Challenge. He was also a core member of the Human-Level AI Conference team.

Jaroslav Vitku

Jaroslav Vitku

Senior Research Scientist

Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence and Biocybernetics, actively working on R&D of the Badger architecture. Recently familiar with words/abbreviations like Deep RL, Multi-Agent RL, ES, GA, DQN, DDPG, MADDPG, Gym, open-endness, POET, PyTorch, AWS, etc..

Martin Poliak

Martin Poliak

Senior Research Scientist

Ph.D. in Computer Science, Martin helps research different flavors of Badger architecture and works closely with other team members on the design of testing tasks used both for development and benchmarking. In previous internal projects, he frequently held a lead position. He has been with GoodAI for over 4.5 years.

Petr Hlubuček

Petr Hlubuček

Research Scientist

Petr has a background in Computer Science and Biology and is currently working on research of Badger architecture. He is interested in interpretability and visualization of RNN-based models. Lately he has been working with attention, meta-learning, program induction.

Přemek Paška

Přemek Paška

Research Engineer

Přemek is a generalist with CS background and has worked on many projects including Brain Simulator, Toy Architecture, and the Badger architecture usually as a software engineering support of the research and a shepherd of the development processes (as in Agile SW development). He’s also interested in AI safety and AI policy and in long-termism in general.

Keen Software House

If you like video games check out our sister company Keen Software House.

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The story of our success

  1. December 2019

    Badger Architecture released

    GoodAI published the Badger Architecture which was a culmination of five years of work at GoodAI. Read more about it.

  2. August 2018

    Human-Level AI conference

    GoodAI hosts the Human-Level AI conference in Prague with over 500 participants from across the world.

  3. July 2018

    Solving the AI Race results

    $15,000 of prize money awarded to the finalists of the General AI Challenge Solving the AI Race round.

  4. January 2018

    Launch of Solving the AI Race round

    Launch of the Solving the AI Race round of the General AI Challenge.

  5. September 2017

    Gradual Learning results

    Results of General AI Challenge Round 1: Gradual Learning.

  6. February 2017

    Launch of General AI Challenge

    Launch of the General AI Challenge Round 1: Gradual Learning. GoodAI pledge $5mil in prize money over coming years to tackle crucial research problems in human-level AI development.

  7. August 2016

    GoodAI Research

    R&D team grew to 20 researchers, scientists, programmers. Major progress update released: Framework, AI Roadmap Institute, Roadmap, GoodAI Applied.

  8. January 2016

    GoodAI Research

    New focus on roadmapping announced. Research shifted in the direction of growing topology architectures that support the gradual accumulation of skills. Start of design and development of the School for AI. Start of development of Arnold Simulator.

  9. July 2015

    Public launch

    GoodAI was announced to the public as a company. Start of new unified approach to building general AI. Commitment to focus our research on the bigger picture. Brain Simulator was released.

  10. April 2015

    The beginning

    First information about the project was made public.

  11. January 2014

    The beginning

    GoodAI, a general AI research and development initiative, started when CEO/CTO Marek Rosa personally funded the project.

  12. September 2013

    Marek Rosa releases Space Engineers

    Marek Rosa’s Keen Software House released the game Space Engineers. The success of the game allowed Marek to create GoodAI.

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