AI Design Sprint

  • Where are the opportunities to use AI in your company?
  • Which technologies can you use to solve your particular problem?
  • What are your competitors doing?
  • Where is the business case behind?

GoodAI Applied answers these questions through our “AI Design Sprint”, a 2-week analytical process, assessing the opportunity for the deployment of artificial intelligence solutions in your company.​

​GoodAI Applied will conduct a workshop with you, assess data quantity and quality, review state-of-the-art methods in the field, develop a business case and present recommendations in a report.


A report including:

​Business part

  • Understanding of the problem
  • Key performance indicators relevant for the business
  • Summary of process changes
  • Roadmap proposal

​Technical part

  • Technical approach to the analysis
  • Data analysis description
  • Review of state of the art AI methods relevant to the problem
  • Landscape of AI methods suitable for the given problem


Data for the project needs to be shared with us at least one business day before the workshop starts

Expert on client-side needs to be available


Day 1: Workshop: understanding situation and context, data deep dive

Day 2 – 7: Analysis, design of method, consultation with client based upon need

Day 8: Presentation and handover of the report

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