AI Roadmap Institute

The AI Roadmap Institute is an initiative to compare and study various AI and general AI roadmaps proposed by those working in the field. It will map the space of AI skills and abilities (research topics, open problems, and proposed solutions). The institute will use architecture-agnostic common terminology provided by the framework to compare the roadmaps, allowing research groups with different internal terminologies to communicate effectively.

The amount of research into AI has exploded over the last few years, with many papers appearing daily. The institute’s major output will be consolidating this research into an (ideally single) visual comparison of roadmaps which outlines the similarities and differences among roadmaps, where roadmaps branch and converge, stages of roadmaps which need to be addressed by new research, and examples of skills and testable milestones. This summary will be constantly updated and available for all who are interested, regardless of technical expertise.

There are currently two categories of roadmaps:

  • Research and development, or how to get us to general AI
  • Safety/Futuristic – that explore how to keep humanity safe and the years after general AI is reached.

These roadmaps will be described by the institute using the framework in an implementation agnostic manner. The roadmaps will show the problems and any proposed solutions, and the implementations of others will be mapped out in a similar manner.

The institute is concerned with ‘big picture’ thinking, without focusing on many local problems in the search for general AI. With a point of comparison among different roadmaps and with links to relevant research, the institute can highlight aspects of AI development where solutions exist or are needed. This means that other research groups can take inspiration from or suggest new milestones for the roadmaps.

Finally, the institute is for the scientific community and everyone will be invited to contribute. It will phrase higher level concepts in an accessible and architecture-agnostic language, with more technical expressions made available to those who are interested.

Visit the AI Roadmap Institute website.

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