Charlie Mnemonic

We are open-sourcing Charlie Mnemonic, the first personal assistant (LLM agent) equipped with Long-Term Memory (LTM). The distinctive feature is the implementation of LTM, enabling it to learn from every interaction.

At first glance, Charlie might resemble existing LLM agents like ChatGPT, Claude, and Gemini. However, its distinctive feature is the implementation of LTM, enabling it to learn from every interaction. This includes storing and integrating user messages, assistant responses, and environmental feedback into LTM for future retrieval when relevant to the task at hand.

Charlie Mnemonic employs a combination of Long-Term Memory (LTM)Short-Term Memory (STM), and episodic memory to deliver context-aware responses. This ability to remember interactions over time significantly improves the coherence and personalization of conversations.

Moreover, Charlie doesn’t just memorize facts such as names, birthdays, or workplaces; it also learns instructions and skills. This means it can understand nuanced requests like writing emails differently to Anna than to John, fetching specific types of information, or managing smart home devices based on your preferences.

Envision LTM as an expandable, dynamic memory that captures and retains every detail, constantly enhancing its understanding and functionality.

What is inside:

  • The LLM powering Charlie is the OpenAI GPT-4 model, with the flexibility to switch to other LLMs in the future, including local models.
  • The LTM system, developed by GoodAI, stands at the core of Charlie’s advanced capabilities.
  • Available on PC, Mac, Linux and Raspberry Pi

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