GoodAI Groundstation

We are dedicated to building collaborative AI agents that empower humans and drive positive change at scale. Our guiding principles are collective intelligence and emergence.

Currently focusing on drone technology
, our GoodAI Groundstation platform allows you to control embodied agents in the real world.

Safety as a Human Right

We believe that safety should be a human right. GoodAI Groundstation empowers individuals to control multiple drones effortlessly, democratizing safety and making it accessible to everyone.

Our primary areas of focus are crime prevention, search and rescue, wildlife protection and monitoring, among others.

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Key functionalities

  • Simple and intuitive User Interface for running autonomous missions
  • Remote operations without manual piloting
  • Autonomous take-off, landing, and patrol
  • Object detection and tracking: persons, vehicles
  • Drone collaboration
  • “Panic button”: quickly send drones to emergency locations with minimal effort
  • Soon: autonomous docking and charging
Drones collaborate:

Drone patrol mission:

Drone follows person:

AI Agents: Managing Complexity

We’re moving away from coding, towards learning. Watch as users teach our AI agents to operate within the Groundstation through natural language instructions in real time, in simulation:

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Our product GoodAI Groundstation is intended for civilian use only and may not be used (even as a part or component) in connection with weapons, explosive devices, missiles, military articles or any other military use. Any use that would cause Groundstation to be classified as a dual-use item under EU Regulation 2021/821 or any other applicable law is prohibited. Groundstation is not compatible with or designed to support equipment or systems, including but not limited to drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles, that are listed as dual-use items under EU Regulation 2021/821 (including items in categories 9A012 and 9A112) or any other applicable law. Users must ensure that their use of Groundstation remains strictly civil and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations (including international export controls or embargoes). Groundstation must not be used in connection with internal repression and/or serious violations of human rights and international humanitarian law.