HLAI Conference

In August 2018 the Human-Level AI Conference came to Prague. The conference was created by Tarek R. Besold as a combination of three established conferences AGI, BICA and NeSy. GoodAI was honored to be the local host of the conference and to contribute by organizing the Future of AI Track and two collocated panels, the Investing in AGI and Innovation Policy panel and the AI Race and Societal Impacts panel.

The organizing team for HLAI

The conference attracted over 500 attendees and featured over 40 experts in the AI field covering a wide range of topics.

We had representatives from some of the top tech companies including Microsoft, Google DeepMind, Uber AI Labs, Facebook AI Research and more, from the top global academic institutes including University of Cambridge, Harvard, John Hopkins, University of New York, UCL and others, from international organizations including the United Nations, DARPA, Aspen Institute and more, and from exciting private sector companies (ARAYA, Vicarious, SingularityNET, Zeroth.AI to name a few).


You can watch all of the keynote talks from the Future of AI Track below.

Solving the AI Race

The second round of the General AI Challenge focussed on Solving the AI Race and it was a pleasure to invite the finalists of the competition to take place in the AI Race and Societal Impacts panel at the conference.

You can watch a selection of videos from the panel here. And you can read an article based on the panel in Futurism here.


You can see all of the photos from the conference here.


Sponsors and partners

HLAI would not have been possible without the generosity and support from our partners including:

  • Facebook
  • Microsoft
  • ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab
  • Microsoft
  • MSD
  • alpha
  • SingularityNET
  • City of Prague
  • CTIT
  • Czech Technical University

Media partners

  • Manning Publishing
  • Forbes NEXT
  • PC Revue
  • tyinternety.cz
  • E15
  • inSmart.cz
  • IT Systems Online
  • IOT Network News

Community partners

  • Machine Learning Prague
  • Italian Association for Machine Learning
  • PyData Bratislava
  • Machine Learning Meetup Prague
  • kiwi.com
  • AI Startup Incubator
  • The Future Society
  • Vienna Deep Learning Meetup
  • 0100 Campus
  • Trask
  • Google User Group CZ

Organizing team

  • Tarek R. Besold, HLAI General Chair
  • Daria Hvizdalova, HLAI Local Chair
  • Ben Goertzel, AGI Conference Chair
  • Alexei Samsonovich, BICA Conference Chair
  • Artur d’Avila Garcez, NeSy Conference Chair​

GoodAI team

  • Marek Rosa, CEO, CTO, Founder, GoodAI
  • Olga Afanasjeva, COO and Head of HLAI, GoodAI
  • Marek Havrda, Strategy Advisor, GoodAI
  • Will Millership, PR Manager, GoodAI
  • Lucie Krestova, Volunteers Manager, GoodAI
  • Tomas Strouhal, IT Manager, GoodAI
  • Petr Krejci, CFO, GoodAI
  • Barbora Vasilkova, Intern, GoodAI

Human-Level AI 2018 is organized by GoodAI on a non-profit basis.