PDF Document Classifier

For most companies text documents are a major part of their business, however, classifying them can be a time-consuming task. Our PDF document classifier can analyze thousands of documents and classify them in a database automatically, saving you time and money.

What can it do?

Our in-house Natural Language Processing (NLP) solution can analyse thousands of documents a day. It determines the type of content in the documents (while respecting their privacy) and can store them in a database according to predefined content types.

​For example, if you had 10,000 unlabelled documents in one folder and you knew that they fell into defined categories: “job contracts”, “gas bills”, “electricity bills”, and “legal contracts”, you could use the PDF classifier to sort them into four different folders automatically, without having to open a single PDF.

​Who is already using it?

We have worked with the large energy company innogy in order to classify their PDF documents. They receive and process tens of thousands of PDFs daily. Originally, classification of those documents was done manually across different departments which cost a lot of time and money. They are currently implementing our document classifier which will save them thousands of Euros weekly.

​Who can use it?

This solution can be used by any organisation that needs to classify large amounts of text documents. It can be contracts, bills, letters, or any other text format. As long as it is text in a PDF we should be able to classify it. Companies that can benefit include:

  • Energy companies
  • Law firms
  • HR departments
  • Banks
  • Retail firms
  • Large offices
  • Shipping companies

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