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How to get involved

Pushing the known boundaries of AI is not a job for a single person, team, or company; we want to open this Challenge up for feedback and discussion to the entire community of scientists, programmers and AI enthusiasts. If you would like to be a part of shaping the General AI Challenge and its goals, subscribe to our newsletter, or send us an email.

​How can you help?

We look forward to your suggestions that will help us make this Challenge a success. For example, you can contribute by:

  • ​engaging your community, universities, or research institutes
  • sharing ideas on Challenge design and timeline
  • suggesting future rounds and milestones
  • promoting this Challenge
  • providing judging support
  • offering a media partnership
  • offering a hardware partnership
  • and so on

Want to participate?

Go to Active rounds or sign up for our newsletter to get updates. We also recommend following us through the social media channels to get the latest updates.

​The Challenge is open to both individuals and teams.

Who will own the Challenge solutions?

We are considering various options for different rounds, ranging from public domain to split/shared ownership between champions and organizers. Our goal is to get the solutions to as many innovators as possible, while protecting the rights and interests of champions.

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