ICLR 2022: From Cells to Societies

GoodAI researchers co-organized a workshop with the University of Chemistry & Technology in Prague (VSCHT) and Google Research for the 2022 ICLR Conference. The workshop examined both natural and artificial systems to see how they can (or already do) lead to the development of new approaches to learning beyond established optimization or game-theoretic views.

Guest speakers talks

A Conversation with Ted Chiang

April 11, 2022 InterviewResearch
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A Conversation with Mayalen Etcheverry

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A Conversation with Michael Levin

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Open Call for Papers for 2022 ICLR Workshop on Collective Learning

December 23, 2021 ResearchTechnical blogs
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Building for Intelligence: Cells to Societies Workshop Notes

June 22, 2022 ResearchTechnical blogs
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