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Forbes Interview with Marek Rosa

April 14, 2023 AI in GamesInterviewLLM

Why is stopping the development of the OpenAI platform foolish, and why is it unlikely that artificial intelligence will kill us all?

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The Tipping Point: Science Fiction Begins

January 16, 2023 Interview

Can chatbots take our jobs? Can a chatbot be biased in its answers? Hospodarske Noviny speaks with Marek Rosa about OpenAI’s new and revolutionary chatbot ChatGPT.

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What if Europe is too hard on AI? Companies are afraid of innovation slow down

Forbes explores impending AI regulations in the EU. Alongside other business leaders, Marek Rosa weighs in on the potential implications for tech innovation.

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It writes essays, makes up jokes, draws. Will artificial intelligence venture into video in 2023?

January 05, 2023 Interview

Forbes interviews Marek Rosa about the emergence of AI-enabled generation tools.

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CzechCrunch Interview with Marek Rosa

January 04, 2023 Interview

Science fiction begins with the ChatGPT chatbot. If it will be good for humanity depends on us.

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The Future of AI in Games

October 10, 2022 AI in GamesInterviewResearch

How can we leverage the power of large language models (LLMs) for game development? Marek Rosa explores the trajectory of AI progress and its impact on the industry.

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From Programmer to CEO

June 29, 2022 Interview

Candid reflections from Keen Software House and GoodAI founder, Marek Rosa, on the transition to leadership.

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A Conversation with Ted Chiang

April 11, 2022 InterviewResearch

Rethinking the learning framework. What would that look like in AI?

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A Conversation with Mayalen Etcheverry

Developing "curious" AI agents to autonomously discover and learn a diversity of structures and skills in their environments.

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A Conversation with Michael Levin

Evolution doesn't produce specific solutions to specific environmental problems. It produces problem solving machines. Machines that can solve problems in other spaces.

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