Amazon Web Services (AWS) experiment management script

March 15, 2021

GoodAI’s Senior Research Scientist, ‪Jaroslav Vítků has authored a handy tool for the management of experiments in AWS (Amazon Web Services).

The script is useful whenever you want to offload an experiment to cloud compute or monitor the remote status of the experiment. Additionally, the script manages the life-cycle of the machine that runs the experiment: the instance is launched, code is deployed and experiments are run. After finishing all the work, the instance terminates itself. The GoodAI research team has successfully used the script to deploy multiple experiment configurations to a large number of EC2 instances and saved a substantial amount of time on the management of the instances.

We would like to help the research community by providing the script to anyone who would like to make their life less repetitive and experiment more by making their AWS experiments easier to deploy and manage.

The code and a detailed description for the AWS experiment management script are in the link below.

Code and details

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