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What Makes A Resilient Civilization?

This blog post builds upon the ideas presented in the Society for Resilient Civilization (res/civ) Manifesto. Rooted in technological optimism, the proposed Society is set to address the complexity of building long-term societal resilience, and explore effective strategies and tools.

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Society for Resilient Civilization – a Manifesto

Summary: AI’s Role and Humanity’s Future: AI’s advancement prompts questions about humanity’s role and the need for a resilient society guided by values. Society for Resilient Civilization: The “Society for Resilient Civilization” is proposed, aiming to ensure AI benefits all,.

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Marek Rosa: Solo creators enhanced by a legion of AI agents

Within the next five years, every individual will have the ability to employ AI agents from the cloud. These agents will effectively serve as our AI employees and assistants, aiding in tasks where we might typically enlist the services of.

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What if Europe is too hard on AI? Companies are afraid of innovation slow down

Forbes explores impending AI regulations in the EU. Alongside other business leaders, Marek Rosa weighs in on the potential implications for tech innovation.

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Global Forum on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

December 19, 2022 AI Policy and Society

GoodAI participates in an expert panel on the global governance of AI.

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New Horizons

February 03, 2022 AI Policy and Society

GoodAI's Marek Havrda leaves his role as AI Policy and Social Impact Director to commence a new post in public administration.

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GoodAI Contributes to the First Global Agreement on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

November 26, 2021 AI Policy and Society

UNESCO member countries endorse global rules for ‘ethical AI,’ including clear red lines such as banning the use of AI for social scoring and mass surveillance.

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GoodAI Contributes to European Commission Report on Humans and Society in the Age of AI

April 28, 2021 AI Policy and Society

GoodAI recently contributed to The European Commission (EC) report on Humans and Societies in the Age of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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Aspen Institute Panel on AI

February 01, 2021 AI Policy and Society

Last week Marek Rosa took part in a panel discussion entitled AI in the Czech Republic. Better than you think! Watch the video here.

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