Aspen Institute Panel on AI

February 01, 2021

Last week Marek Rosa took part in a panel discussion with the Aspen Institute Central Europe entitled: AI in the Czech Republic. Better than you think! He was joined by AI Experts:

  • Pavel Kordík , Vice-Dean for Cooperation with Industry, CTU / co-founder of Recombee and unico.AI
  • Tomáš Mikolov , senior researcher, CIIRC CTU
  • Jakub Nešetřil , founder and CEO, Česko.Digital
  • Michal Pěchouček , CTO, Avast / professor, CTU

Sara Polak of moderated the event and Daria Hvizdalova presented her results from an AI study. You can watch the full video below. The panel is in Czech language.

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