GoodAI Solutions launches combining AI technology with industrial automation to benefit businesses

October 02, 2019

Czech artificial intelligence company GoodAI has partnered with manufacturing leaders JHV-ENGINEERING to create GoodAI Solutions, a new company that will offer complex AI solutions and frameworks for businesses.

GoodAI Solutions is using AI to help with predictive maintenance, visual inspections, asset management, and other bespoke issues. The partnership will allow both parties to offer complex software and hardware turn-key solutions for industrial use.

Guillermo Alda, Managing Partner at GoodAI Solutions said: “Partnering with JHV-ENGINEERING has given us valuable insights into the automation and manufacturing industries and allowed us to further develop and test our newest solutions.”

GoodAI Solutions has already developed an anomaly detection solution that can predict problems on the production line and save time and money by avoiding machinery downtime.

Jan Hvizdala, Co-owner and Business Development Partner at JHV-ENGINEERING, said: “Our first projects with GoodAI have been a great success and we are excited to take this partnership forward with the creation of GoodAI Solutions. With their experience in AI which is grounded in cutting-edge research and our 20 years’ excellence in complex industrial automation, together we are able to add real value for our clients by creating — and implementing — cutting edge solutions.”

The company is to be led by some of the core leadership team of GoodAI Applied, a business division of GoodAI, that executed major projects with ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab, Innogy, T-Mobile, Arriello, and many more. GoodAI Solutions will take over selected projects from GoodAI Applied, while GoodAI Applied will focus on new AI initiatives and ventures. GoodAI Solutions is already working on other projects including asset management solutions for gas, water, and electricity; equipment checks for automotive clients, and quality control for manufacturers.

Marek Rosa, CEO, and CTO of GoodAI, said: “We are very pleased to announce GoodAI Solutions as the latest member of the GoodAI family. With their strong links to industry and proven track record of delivering outstanding projects I am confident they are an exciting new player.” GoodAI will continue to focus on its research in the field of human-level artificial intelligence, while the collaboration between the teams will ensure the latest available scientific innovations are integrated directly into the client’s business projects.

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