GoodAI announces $300,000 AI Grant fund

August 10, 2020

Jan Feyereisl, Senior Research Scientist (left) and Marek Rosa, Founder and CEO of GoodAI (right) announce AI Grants

The fund was announced today at the Meta-Learning & Multi-Agent Learning Workshop which is being run by GoodAI. The private workshop, taking place mostly online, was joined on the first day by over 50 participants from across the world and will see speakers from Google Brain, DeepMind, University of Oxford, University College London, MIT, and many more throughout the week.

The fund is open to researchers, or research groups, from across the world who are interested in tackling some of the open questions related to GoodAI’s Badger Architecture. The grants will be awarded to researchers working on a variety of topics including multi-agent reinforcement learning, learned communications, graph neural networks, learned optimizers, and many more.

A full list of topics and suggested research can be found on the GoodAI website. However, “wild-card” grants may also be awarded for topics outside the suggested remit as long as they can show how they will advance Badger Architecture.

Marek Rosa, Founder and CEO of GoodAI, said: “I see the research in modular meta-learning and multi-agent learning gain momentum, and the interest and the high caliber of participants at our Meta-Learning & Multi-Agent Learning Workshop shows this. I’m grateful to the participants for joining the workshop, and for championing what I believe to be some of the most exciting directions in today’s AI research. GoodAI grants are a chance for us to support these directions, uphold exciting new ideas and engage and collaborate with new researchers in the field in order to fulfill our goal to develop general artificial intelligence to help humanity and understand the universe. ”

Full details about the AI Grants including how to apply can be found here.

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