Reflections on AI and the Long-term Vision

January 21, 2016

“There lies the inventor’s paradox, that it is often significantly easier to find a general solution than a more specific one, since the general solution may naturally have a simpler algorithm and cleaner design, and typically can take less time to solve in comparison with a particular problem. “
–Bruce Tate

We’re committed to the idea that solving a general problem will, in the end, offer better outcomes than trying to solve a set of specific problems – even if the narrower problems seem easier to tackle at first. Some people may consider what I write here fairly obvious. However, I believe that for others my description will offer a new perspective and help them understand how I see the big picture.

At GoodAI, we aim for general AI, not narrow AI use cases. This approach allows us to restrict the search for the right solution and focus more resources on our desired long-term goal.

In the long term, we believe a general AI will fill roles as diverse as:

  • AI scientists
  • AI engineers
  • AI programmers
  • AI doctors.

We never lose sight of our end goal, which is to build general artificial intelligence that can think, learn, and interact in the world. Our vision is of an AI that is flexible in a changeable environment, just like human beings. A general artificial intelligence holds potential to find cures for diseases, invent things for people that would take much longer to invent without the cooperation of AI, and teach us much more than we currently know about the universe.

At GoodAI, we are committed to working together with external AI institutions, researchers, brain designers, and module programmers. We are candid about the progress of our research and the ways we expect general artificial intelligence to impact human society.

We stand firmly behind our belief that cooperation is better than competition.

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