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Governance of AI in the years to come

This blog post is based on discussions during a workshop with members of the GoodAI team, and Frank and Virginia Dignum. Summary Regulation is vital for AI especially considering the potential power of the technology Current software regulation may not.

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Roadmapping the AI race to help ensure safe development of AGI

September 28, 2018 AI Policy and SocietyResearch

This article accompanies a visual roadmap that you can view and download here. Why are roadmaps important? Roadmapping is a useful tool to allow us to look into the future, predict different possible pathways, and identify areas that might present.

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Shaping a global survey on AGI

September 25, 2018 AI Policy and SocietyResearch

SUMMARY: We intend to run a global survey to find out the public opinion about AGI. We ran a practice survey at the Human-Level AI Conference 2018. We are still working to shape the survey and are interested in your.

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Reflections on the Human-Level AI Conference 2018

A blog from CEO Marek Rosa. This month over 500 people attended the Human-Level AI Conference in Prague, which was organised by the team at GoodAI. The attendees got the opportunity to see over 40 experts in the AI field covering a wide range.

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$15,000 of prizes for Solving the AI Race finalists

We are proud to announce the finalists of the Solving the AI Race round of the General AI Challenge and award $15,000 of prize money. We had 194 registrations from 41 different countries and a total of 59 submissions!  We had some great entries which were anonymized,.

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Report from Future with AI Workshop, Berlin

Organized by: GoodAI, the Aspen Institute Germany and the Estonian Embassy Attended by: Jeff Bullwinkel (Microsoft), Nicola Jentzsch (Stiftung Neue Verantwortung), Toby Walsh (UNSW and TU Berlin), Andrea Shalal (Reuters), Olaf Theiler (Planungsamt der Bundeswehr), Lennart Wetzel (Microsoft), Tyson Barker (Aspen), Ruediger.

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AI and work – a paradigm shift?

The development of AI — need for a paradigm shift The labour market structure is changing all the time. One of the main disrupting trends in near memory has been the move away from manufacturing in developed countries. For example in.

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March 20, 2018 AI Policy and Society

GoodAI Strategy Advisor Marek Havrda will feature at the POLITICO AI Summit. The summit will focus on what standards and regulations can be implemented to guide AI toward human benefit. He will be presenting the Solving the AI Race round of the.

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Aspen Institute: Conference on Artificial Intelligence

March 15, 2018 AI Policy and Society

CEO Marek Rosa will be speaking at the Aspen Institute policy program Humanity Disrupted: Artificial Intelligence and Changing Societies. The Aspen Germany AI-Conference will bring together policy-makers, business leaders, innovators, economists, philosophers, religious leaders, civil society and security experts from.

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SingularityU Czech Summit

CEO Marek Rosa spoke about the Ethics of AI at the SingularityU Czech Summit in Prague. ​Singularity University (SU) is a global learning and innovation community using exponential technologies to tackle the world’s biggest challenges and build an abundant future.

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