GoodAI enters into research collaboration to progress meta-learning and combinatorial generalization

April 14, 2021 ResearchTechnical blogs

Self-improving artificial intelligence that can learn new tasks from small amounts of data is a crucial step for the advancement of strong artificial intelligence.

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Creating a new framework for multi-agent AI systems

April 12, 2021 ResearchTechnical blogs

Current artificial intelligence is limited in its scope and is far from human-level intelligence. One of the key components missing is learning to pursue multiple goals, ones that are dynamic, changing, and that depend on knowledge acquired from previous tasks.

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A new kind of open-ended environment for a new kind of artificial intelligence

April 08, 2021 ResearchTechnical blogs

If we are to develop artificial intelligence (AI) capable of learning as humans do, it needs to be tested in complex environments just like humans are.

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Game from GoodAI’s sister company, led by Marek Rosa, features in Robert De Niro movie

April 06, 2021

Medieval Engineers, a game created by GoodAI's sister company, Keen Software House, has recently featured in the Hollywood Movie, The War with Grandpa.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) experiment management script

March 15, 2021 Research

GoodAI's Senior Research Scientist, ‪Jaroslav Vítků has authored a script that can help users script to offload an experiment to cloud compute or monitor the remote status of experiments.

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VeriDream resources available via AI4EU

March 10, 2021

The VeriDream consortium has published some of the resources being used in their research on the AI4EU platform.

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AI and game testing for European extended reality project (iv4XR)

February 18, 2021 Research

GoodAI has teamed up with 7 other academic and industrial institutions across Europe for the "Intelligent Verification for Extended Reality" (iv4XR) project that was awarded over €3.5 million by the EU Horizon 2020.

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Case study preview: robotic legs in space

February 15, 2021 Research

VeriDream members GoodAI and ISIR (Sorbonne University) have been working on a case study that applies quality diversity algorithms to control robotic legs.

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