Aspen Institute Panel on AI

February 01, 2021 AI Policy and Society

Last week Marek Rosa took part in a panel discussion entitled AI in the Czech Republic. Better than you think! Watch the video here.

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Cyborg Soldiers and Bioethics – Marek Rosa interview with GLOBSEC

January 15, 2021 AI Policy and Society

GoodAI CEO Marek Rosa was recently interviewed on the ethical implications of enhanced soldiers on the battlefield by Roger Hilton from GLOBSEC.

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Review of 2020 & plans for 2021

January 15, 2021

GoodAI CEO Marek Rosa reflects on the progress made by GoodAI and Keen Software House in 2020 and outlines the plans for 2021.

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AI compass towards well-being

January 14, 2021 AI Policy and Society

GoodAI's AI Policy & Social Impact Director, Marek Havrda, recently took part in the AI & Happiness Roundtable. In this blog he summarizes some of his thoughts from the meeting.

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My experiments with the evolutionary dynamics of sexual selection

January 11, 2021 ResearchTechnical blogs

GoodAI CEO Marek Rosa has been experimenting with the evolutionary dynamics of sexual selection. In this blog, he outlines some of his findings.

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Top NeurIPS 2020 picks by GoodAI team

December 16, 2020 Research

In this post we outline some of the highlights of the conference, in particular from the point of view of research that relates to research on our Badger architecture or is relevant to our present endeavors.

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Nature article – Artificial intelligence finds surprising patterns in Earth’s biological mass extinctions

December 09, 2020 ResearchTechnical blogs

The idea that mass extinctions allow many new types of species to evolve is a central concept in evolution, but a new study using artificial intelligence to examine the fossil record finds this is rarely true.

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International AI in robotics project VeriDream awarded €2 million by European Innovation Council

November 23, 2020 Research

GoodAI are part of The VeriDream project, an international consortium of six organizations across Europe, that has been awarded €2 million by the European Innovation Council to carry out a research and innovation strategy.

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