General AI Challenge Round 1 Results & Evaluation

September 30, 2017 Research

The first round of the General AI Challenge, Gradual Learning – Learning Like a Human, has come to an end. Find out who won prizes, and details of our evaluation process.

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AVOIDING THE PRECIPICE: Race Avoidance in the Development of Artificial General Intelligence

September 06, 2017 AI Policy and SocietyResearch

With the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) in most areas of our lives, the stakes are increasingly becoming higher at every level. Investments into companies developing machine intelligence applications are reaching astronomical amounts.

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GoodAI supports ban on “Killer Robots”

August 22, 2017 AI Policy and Society

We have joined 116 of the top AI firms from 26 different countries in signing an Open Letter to collectively urge the United Nations to ban “killer robots” or lethal autonomous weapons at the International Joint Conference in Artificial Intelligence.

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The 5 Million Dollar General AI Challenge is a Path to Human-level AI

February 26, 2017 Research

Marek recently wrote a blogpost on Singularity Weblog about working towards general AI.

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Back to the core of intelligence … to really move to the future

February 19, 2017 Research

Guest post on AI Roadmap Instutute blog by José Hernández-Orallo, Professor at Technical University of Valencia and author of “The Measure of All Minds, Evaluating Natural and Artificial Intelligence”, Cambridge University Press, 2017.

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Unsolved Problems in AI – Guest blog by Simon Andersson, Senior Research Scientist @GoodAI

February 02, 2017 Research

This document identifies open problems in AI. It seeks to provide a concise overview of the greatest challenges in the field and of the current state of affairs.

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GoodAI Releases School for AI – A New Update to Brain Simulator

December 01, 2016 Research

GoodAI is releasing School for AI, a training and testing environment designed to teach your AI architectures new skills and to measure their performance.

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December 5 – 10: GoodAI team at NIPS 2016 in Barcelona

November 25, 2016 Research

The GoodAI team will soon be visiting Barcelona to take part in NIPS 2016.

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