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Unsolved Problems in AI – Guest blog by Simon Andersson, Senior Research Scientist @GoodAI

February 02, 2017 Research

This document identifies open problems in AI. It seeks to provide a concise overview of the greatest challenges in the field and of the current state of affairs.

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GoodAI Releases School for AI – A New Update to Brain Simulator

December 01, 2016 Research

GoodAI is releasing School for AI, a training and testing environment designed to teach your AI architectures new skills and to measure their performance.

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December 5 – 10: GoodAI team at NIPS 2016 in Barcelona

November 25, 2016 Research

The GoodAI team will soon be visiting Barcelona to take part in NIPS 2016.

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GoodAI Releases Arnold Simulator Alpha

November 21, 2016 Research

GoodAI is releasing an alpha version of its prototyping and simulation software called Arnold Simulator on GitHub.

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GoodAI Framework + R&D Roadmap Now Available for Public Review

November 03, 2016 Research

Today GoodAI published the first iteration of our Framework and Roadmap, and are looking forward to feedback from the scientific community and public as a whole.

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GoodAI One Year Later: Progress to Date and Next Steps

August 01, 2016 Research

It’s been one whole year since GoodAI was publicly announced. Marek Rosa celebrates the anniversary by looking back at what GoodAI has achieved in the past 12 months, and tell you a bit more about future plans.

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Abundance 360 Conference Takeaways

February 02, 2016 Research

Marek Rosa was recently in Los Angeles attending the Abundance 360 conference. Organized by entrepreneur Peter Diamandis.

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What is intelligence?

January 21, 2016 Research

On intelligence, evolution, and artificial intelligence development.

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2015 Year in Review – Keen Software House & GoodAI

January 12, 2016 Research

Until you look back you don’t know how far you’ve come. Today I’m happy to sum up the major highlights for me of 2015.

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GoodAI – R&D Roadmap – Preview

December 15, 2015 Research

Today Marek Rosa published a brief peek into the GoodAI R&D roadmap to AGI (general artificial intelligence), a document that will be released to the public in the coming weeks. It outlines our vision and methodology for developing universal AI.

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