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“Develop safe general artificial intelligence – as fast as possible – to help humanity and understand the universe.”

Long-Term Memory

We are developing Long-Term Memory (LTM) systems to expand LLM agents' context window, enabling continual learning from interactions and environmental dynamics. Our goal is to create agents capable of lifelong learning, using every new experience to enhance future performance.


Charlie Mnemonic

We are open-sourcing Charlie Mnemonic, the first personal assistant (LLM agent) equipped with Long-Term Memory (LTM). The distinctive feature is the implementation of LTM, enabling it to learn from every interaction.


LLM Agents

At GoodAI, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence. Our current focus is on the development of Large Language Model (LLM)-based agents with personalities that go beyond simple conversations.


GoodAI Groundstation

In a small and agile team inside GoodAI, we have set out to solve the challenges in drone operations.


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Major Charlie Mnemonic update released!

We are announcing major updates for Charlie Mnemonic, your AI assistant with Long-Term Memory that’s getting smarter and more capable every day. We’ve been working hard to integrate new features and improve existing ones, and we are excited to share.

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Society for Resilient Civilization – a Manifesto

Summary: AI’s Role and Humanity’s Future: AI’s advancement prompts questions about humanity’s role and the need for a resilient society guided by values. Society for Resilient Civilization: The “Society for Resilient Civilization” is proposed, aiming to ensure AI benefits all,.

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AI People: Announcing the next evolution of gaming AI NPCs

April 29, 2024 AIAI in Games

Today, GoodAI proudly introduces our new game: AI People Discover more on our official website: www.AIPeopleGame.com The Vision Our vision for AI People was ambitious but clear: to innovate within the gaming industry by making intelligent AI NPCs central to.

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