It writes essays, makes up jokes, draws. Will artificial intelligence venture into video in 2023?

January 05, 2023 Interview

Forbes interviews Marek Rosa about the emergence of AI-enabled generation tools.

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CzechCrunch Interview with Marek Rosa

January 04, 2023 Interview

Science fiction begins with the ChatGPT chatbot. If it will be good for humanity depends on us.

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Global Forum on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

December 19, 2022 AI Policy and Society

GoodAI participates in an expert panel on the global governance of AI.

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AI in Games: Use Case for Intelligent Autonomous Test Agents

December 05, 2022 AI in GamesResearch

A case study for AI test agents to support the automated testing of extended reality systems.

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Keen Software House & GoodAI Open House Day 2022

November 15, 2022

GoodAI and Keen Software House open their doors to visitors as part of European Leadership & Academic Institute's (ELAI) 2022 Innovation Week.

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AI in Games: A Case Study for Improving Robotic Gait

November 09, 2022 AI in GamesResearch

A grant project to develop AI-supported game features will be presented at the European Innovation Council (EIC) summit this December. 

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Scalable Environment for Artificial Intelligence and Cumulative Culture

October 27, 2022 ResearchTechnical blogs

Jakob Foerster's grant work proposes to build a scalable environment aimed at achieving turing-complete computation.

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AI in Games: Open-Source Spaceship Generator Released for Space Engineers

October 27, 2022 AI in GamesResearch

Applied AI techniques produce functional in-game vehicle generation for a sandbox video game.

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The Future of AI in Games

October 10, 2022 AI in GamesInterviewResearch

How can we leverage the power of large language models (LLMs) for game development? Marek Rosa explores the trajectory of AI progress and its impact on the industry.

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Oranžérie Garden Reconstruction

September 05, 2022

Newly reconstructed garden at the Oranžérie unveiled.

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